develop your talent at a young age or make music a part of your life at a later stage

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NBCK Bands

Our Mission

Since 1949 the City Kinsmen Band has offered people of the Battlefords opportunity for musical expression and entertainment.

The North Battleford City Kinsmen Band believes that everyone can build musical skills. With programs designed for people of all ages and abilities, the City Kinsmen Band creates exceptional experiences to develop musical talent.


Get Involved

Even if you do not play an instrument you can be a part of the City Kinsmen Band’s success. Volunteers are needed for day to day operations, fundraising activities, and longer term projects. The City Kinsmen Band also accepts contributions to help ensure that everyone is able to participate in a high quality band program, regardless of personal circumstances.

“Our daughter was a member of the band in the late 90’s, when she was between the ages of 13 to 17. Not only was it a great experience for her - building her musical abilities, life long friendships and the opportunity to travel - but it was a great experience for the entire family! We had a lot of fun interacting with other band families, fund raising and seeing our kids progress in their individual skill sets. I would strongly encourage others to be a part of this long lived organization. You will not be disappointed!”

Roberta Heinrichs, Band Parent